What are the qualities of a good junk removal company?

Tips to help you find a good waste pick up service for your residential or commercial cleanout project in Chicago

As more and more people choose to outsource many residential and commercial duties, the junk removal business has become big business.

Junk removal was once considered just one of the chores that had to get done on your own property or at your business, but now many prefer to leave it to the experts. Of course, not just anyone who owns a big truck can claim to be a junk removal expert.

Hiring someone who doesn’t know the ropes of the business and doesn’t have adequate experience may result in you doing most of the work anyway. Take some time to learn about the elements of a good junk removal service before you call just anyone.

What kinds of removal services do they offer?

Firstly, look for a junk removal service that will take away most types of junk that can be moved by two or three people. Very large items that require mechanical help to be lifted won’t be included, but items such as carpets, drywall, scrap metal, mirrors, appliances, regular furniture, wood, boxes, computers, and garden waste should all be part of the service.

Most good junk removal companies will also help you move items around your own property or within your house if you ask. This might mean moving an appliance or piece of furniture from one room to another or moving something from one part of your yard to another. Let them know ahead of time that you have items that aren’t going to be junked that you want moved around, in addition to the regular service.

Once the items are loaded up, a good junk removal service will give the area the junk was in a once over to remove any debris and make it look nice.

Are they properly insured?

Proper insurance is another important consideration for this type of service. Always ask if the company is completely insured for junk removal and don’t think of hiring them if they aren’t.

Likewise, ensure that they carry proper licensing in your state or community. This is important and will give you peace of mind. Otherwise, you are vulnerable to theft, property damage, and getting scammed. Looking for customer reviews on Google, Facebook, or Yelp is a good place to start.

Do they provide timely services?

Finding a junk removal service that offers same-day service is a benefit worth looking for, especially if you feel that you’re going to be a repeat customer. It’s nice to know that you’ll be able to call whenever you need junk removed and get prompt service.

Good junk removal companies won’t require you to be at the site when they arrive, either. They may need to call you once they arrive to confirm the price and arrange for billing, but otherwise your presence isn’t necessary.

In case you need junk removal service outside of standard business hours, you’ll want to find one that offers after-hour service, or at least extended hours. This way if you want to be present or need to be there to give access to your house or garage, you won’t have to miss any work to do it.

Are they eco-friendly?

If you’re concerned with environmental issues, you may also want to look for a junk removal service that recycles the bulk of the items they remove. Some may also bring items to charities and other organizations that could give them a second life.

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